Join our Rental Program:

Our equity program is second to none!  It allows all rental payments (excluding maintenance & tax) to apply toward the purchase of a new, used or step-up instrument when you finish renting.  Also, your equity is never capped, so you continue to accrue credit for as long as your rental is active.  No chain store, superstore or general music store can match our program.  Only a violin shop can provide the quality of service and inventory you will need.  If you are considering another rental agency, check their policy closely.  A few dollars saved in the beginning may end up being very costly in the end.
 ~ Major credit card or debit card required for rental
 ~ Month to month rental after initial two month contract
 ~ Step-up strings for all of our rentals! 
Standard Rentals
Our standard rentals are good quality instruments which are excellent for beginning students.  We make sure that every instrument is gone over by one of our craftsmen before they are put into our inventory.  We use step up strings on all of our standard violins to ensure that they sound (and play) as good as possible.  A well set-up instrument will greatly enhance the learning process for students.  

Special Introductory *New Rental* pricing:
ALL VIOLINS   1st 2 months for $10 + tax ($18/mo. rental plus $6/mo. maintenance thereafter)
12”-14” VIOLAS   1st 2 months for $10 + tax ($18/mo. rental plus $6/mo. maintenance thereafter)
15”-16” VIOLAS    1st 2 months for $30 + tax ($27/mo. rental plus $6/mo. maintenance thereafter)
ALL CELLO SIZES    1st 2 months for $50 + tax ($33/mo. rental plus $8/mo. maintenance thereafter)
ALL BASS SIZES    1st 2 months for $110 + tax ($67/mo. rental plus $9/mo. maintenance thereafter)
Intermediate Rentals
For advancing students who require a better sounding instrument in fractional sizes, we offer intermediate celli with carved tops.  These instruments will fill the gap between the early student days and an eventual purchase.  When you upgrade into an intermediate rental, your account maintains any rental credit accrued on your standard rental. 
Cello ~ 1/4 through 3/4   $40 rental plus $8 maintenance 
Cello ~ 4/4   $40 rental plus $8 maintenance 
Step-Up Instruments
We are very pleased to be able to offer the finest fractional and full size rentals to our advancing students.  These are very high quality European (Doetsch is German, Ivan Dunov and Martin Beck, Romanian) instruments that will allow your student to advance beyond that which he or she could achieve on a standard rental violin or an inexpensive Asian import. 
Violin ~ 1/8 through 3/4
Rudoulf Doetsch   $33 per month plus $6 maintenance
Restored European instruments (when available)   $40-$60 per month plus maintenance
Violin ~ 4/4
Ivan Dunov   $38 per month plus $6 maintenance
Martin Beck   $42 per month plus $6 maintenance
Viola ~ 15-16 1/2" 
Ivan Dunov   $37 per month plus $8 maintenance
Martin Beck   $41 per month plus $8 maintenance
Cello ~ 1/4 through 3/4
Rudoulf Doetsch or Martin Beck   $60 per month plus $10 maintenance
Cello ~ 4/4
Ivan Dunov or Martin Beck   $80 per month plus $10 maintenance
Some key points about our string instrument rental/purchase program:
 ~ We deal only in string instruments. Our specialization allows us to provide you with superior service at a lower cost.
 ~ We lease only the finest student instruments available - all of which are on your school’s approved instrument list.
 ~ All instruments are adjusted in-shop by professional luthiers. Many adjustments & repairs can be performed while you wait.
 ~ Our low cost maintenance policy protects you from any out-of-pocket expense. We will repair any problem at no cost to you. Please read our contract for complete details.

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